How to use your fingers to get the best out of vegetables

July 20, 2021 0 Comments

A simple but powerful technique to ensure you have a great vegetable curry is using your fingers, a research by the University of Sydney has found.

Key points:Using your fingers improves the flavour and texture of vegetables when cooking themFor example, you can get a crunchier and more tender dish by using your handsInstead of using a stick blender, you could simply use a spoon and your fingers for the cooking methodThe University of NSW, in collaboration with the University in Adelaide, found using your fingertips to get a better, more tender vegetable is more effective than using a traditional spice grinder.

“This means the use of a hand-held spice grater can deliver the same quality and texture as a traditional grinder but without the hassle of the machine,” Associate Professor Mark Pemberton said.

“The result is a dish that is more flavorful and less bitter.”‘

Theoretical’ theoryProfessor Pemberson said the new research was based on the concept of using the fingers to make a smooth, rubbery surface.

“There is a lot of research into this, but no formal research in the field of cooking vegetables,” he said.

Dr Pember, who is a chef at the University’s Food Science and Technology Department, said there were “many” other ways to make the vegetable curry and he believed the fingers idea was “theoretical”.

“What we’re looking for is a mechanism for making the vegetable more tender and less sweet,” he explained.

“And there are other ways, but the idea of using your hand and your fingertips is a new one.”

So, it’s one of those experimental pieces of research that you need to go back and do the formal research on.

“Dr Piberons findings could help people who are struggling to cook their own vegetables.”

We’re looking at a lot more of the science of the mechanisms of cooking,” he added.”

Some people might think they can’t do it because they have an arthritis condition or a tumour or something.

“But it’s possible to cook with your hands.”

If we can do something that is theoretically possible, we’re hoping that people will want to try it.

“What are the best vegetables for cooking?

The research has found that people who cook their vegetables using their hands have better flavour and less bitterness than those who use a traditional Spice Grinder.

Prof Pember’s research was published in the scientific journal Current Biology on Wednesday.

He said people could try a variety of different vegetables and techniques to ensure they had a good curry.”

It is possible to have a good vegetable curry with just one or two of the different types of vegetables you can choose from, he said

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