Why is India’s vegetable birboche so good?

I was eating a lot of biryana recently and it reminded me of a favourite Indian restaurant.

The restaurant is named Biryani Express and its owner says it’s all about the flavours. 

The owner of the restaurant, S.N. Jain, who also happens to be a vegetarian, says the biryanyas at the restaurant are usually a bit bland and bland food is usually bland food.

“But the bhaji biryan, the bahaji bhindi, the pani bhajji, all these are great because they have lots of flavours and are very good,” he says.

“They are cooked in a very different way.

They are cooked with the cooking process of the kitchen and the oven in which they are cooked.

It’s very different from the traditional way.”

Biryani is a common meal for many people in India and it’s not just about the buns, though.

It also has a long history of being a main part of the meal of many Indian and Indian-origin people in various parts of the world.

But in the past few years, many Indian restaurants have switched to using the bani in place of the bobs and curries, which are usually made with beef or mutton and the sauce is often sour and spicy.

The move to use biryanes in place and replace beef and mutton for bobs has been criticised by a few food historians, but it has become part of a growing trend in the country.

There are many vegetarian restaurants in India that use biyani as a main ingredient in their dishes and there are many vegan restaurants that use it as an ingredient in many dishes.

The trend of using biyanes as main ingredient was noticed in India when Prime Minister Narendra Modi became prime minister and announced the country would ban all animal products from being served at restaurants.

The decision to ban all meat products came after a court ruled that all animal meat is not allowed in Indian restaurants and the meat industry has protested against the ban.

The ban has come with an economic impact as some restaurants have had to close down and others have lost their business.

India also has the largest beef industry in the world, but the industry has been in a slump for the past five years, due to rising demand for beef.

But the industry is starting to recover.

According to the World Trade Organisation (WTO), the country exported $12.4 billion worth of beef in 2016, an increase of 2.4% over 2015.

It has also made some progress in reducing the incidence of cow tuberculosis, which is a serious disease that can be fatal.

The government recently passed a law to reduce the age of beef cattle for slaughter by two years.

The law will also help farmers by reducing the cost of feed and raising cattle insurance.

Biyani has also been a favourite for tourists in India, especially for people visiting the country for holiday or other special occasions.

The food is so popular that even people from abroad who come to India for the first time to visit, have to stop by the biyan shops to get a few dishes.

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