When I say mixed vegetables in spaniards, I mean mixed in the spanish word “vegeta”. It’s an interesting way to spell the word “mixed” to show how the Spanish words vegas and spaniard have an entirely different meaning, says writer Álvaro García.

Here are a few of the words that conjure up images of fresh, mixed vegetables: – vega – vegar – vegas – vegatos – vegan – vegs – vegur – vegueras – vegras – vegetable – vegtas – vegetables – veggas – veggies – veggie – vegdas – fresh vegetables – veggies, in spain article In Spain, vega means “doughnut”.

This is a common way of referring to potatoes, beans and grains, but vegatas, also known as vegatos, are a specific type of vegetable, the same type that has been in Spanish cuisine for thousands of years.

Vegetables in Spanish, which are often served with a plate of tortillas, are often eaten with tomato and other ingredients.

The word “bártura” means “a small portion”, while vegare means “small plate”.

When it comes to the word vegas, there are many variations.

It can also mean “bitter” or “sweet” as in “vega en fátima” (we’ll leave the flavour to you).

The word vegat is often used in Spanish as in vegas in tercera, which means “meat”, while las vegas can mean “vegan” or in Spanish it means “no meat”.

Some people think vegas is the name of a type of vegetarian, which is not true.

Vegas can also refer to a type that’s not actually a vegetable, but is rather a fruit or a root vegetable, as in las vega arabeña (a veggie salad).

For the most part, vegas are used in the same way as vegetables, but the Spanish word for vegetable, vegado, has an extra meaning, and it refers to the shape and size of the veg.

It’s usually a little bit longer than a potato, and a little thicker, and that’s why the name vega is so useful.

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