Vegetable Garden Fence: A simple solution to a major problem

Posted March 07, 2019 09:02:30 An innovative garden fence is being used to keep a bird’s nest in the backyard from a bird killer.

Key points:The bird-proof fence is set up inside a garden in New ZealandThe idea is to deter birds that could destroy a bird nestThe fence works by sending a signal to the bird that the bird will be disturbed if it is disturbedThe fence, which has been installed by the Canterbury Bird Sanctuary, is an installation that has been created by Kiwi artist and garden designer Alex Breen.

The bird’s nesting is a key part of New Zealand’s Birdlife.

The Birdlife Protection Act says:A nest of birds within 500 metres of the nest of another bird will not be disturbed by a bird that is in flight or has flown more than 500 metres away.

“This is a very important principle of the Birdlife Act and it is really important for bird conservation,” Mr Breen said.

“It’s a principle that we have had to take on as we’ve been doing a lot of work around bird-friendly gardens in the past year and a half.”

We’ve been able to come up with something that really helps prevent that kind of behaviour.

“The idea of a bird-protection fence came about when Mr Bourn said he had heard a number of bird-owners complaining about the fact that they could not see their young, when the birds were on the move.”

There’s a lot more bird-related complaints now that people are not on their feet, so the birds are just on their wings,” Mr Gavrove said.

He has designed a bird garden fence around a garden to deter the bird from attacking and destroying nests.”

The fence comes with a warning label on it so the bird can know what to expect,” Mr Smith said.

Mr Breen’s garden garden fence has a bird warning label, which says the fence is bird-safe.”

So when you go out there and see your birds, you’re not going to be attacked, but the warning label says, ‘This is bird safe’,” Mr Brien said.

The fence has been put up at the Canterbury Zoo and is currently on display at the New Zealand Botanical Garden.

It is set in the Garden of the Birds and is designed to be a deterrent.”

If you walk around your garden, and see a flock of birds flying by, you could be thinking, ‘What if I just get a bit too close?’

“Mr Brien added.

Mr Smith said there were more than 50 bird species at the zoo, so he wanted to get people involved in the debate.”

Bird-friendly areas need to be at the forefront of conservation,” he said.

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