‘Panther’ is one of NFL’s most popular players

We’re almost at the point where it’s a moot point whether or not a team will ever need to bring back a player that made the All-Pro team.

But with players like Michael Strahan, Steve McNair, Paul Kruger, Reggie White, and John Stallworth all making it to the Pro Bowl, there’s no reason the NFL won’t see a resurgence of players who were once considered fringe talents.

This isn’t just a matter of nostalgia.

In fact, it’s the first-ever All-Star Game to be held on a Friday.

The Panthers’ former starting quarterback, Steve Weatherford, played in the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio.

NFL Hall of Famer Steve Weatherfords first Pro Bowl spot was in 2006, and he made it to eight Pro Bowls, including two in 2012, when he played with the New York Giants.

Weatherford had a long career in the NFL, including nine seasons with the Colts and six with the Rams.

Weatherferson won the Super Bowl with the Patriots in 2005.

He also played in eight games for the Packers, which won Super Bowl XLIII in 2010.

He had his best season with the Panthers in 2012.

Weatherman, who won Superbowl MVP honors in 2004, was released by the Panthers following the 2014 season.

For the second year in a row, the Panthers will host the Pro Bowler’s Hall of Famers in Canty.

In 2014, they hosted the Hall of Champions in Canto, California, which was the first NFL team to do so.

The Pro Bowl Hall of Honor is in Cantona, Calif., and is the oldest NFL Hall of honor.

Former Pro Bowl player Joe Namath, who was drafted in the first round by the Steelers in 1968, played his final game for the Steelers with them in 2006.

Namath was drafted by the Patriots with the 22nd overall pick.

He is the only player from the NFL’s first 10 years of expansion to make it to Canton.

Namarth was also the first player to reach two Pro Bowl berths with the Eagles, where he was the starter in 2002.

In 2014, the Carolina Panthers held a Super Bowl party in honor of the franchise.

The party included the Pro Buss uniforms, the new helmet, and even a replica of the original Panther helmet.

It was the most recent year the Panthers were at the Pro bowl, having hosted the Pro football game there in 2008.

A few years ago, the Pittsburgh Steelers were the only team to have a player from each of the first five Pro Bowl teams.

The only other team to win a Pro Bowl in the six years of the program is the Dallas Cowboys, who are hosting the Pro baseball game.

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