4 ways to eat meat in India

Vegetables are one of the biggest protein sources in the world and you’ll find them in a wide range of dishes, from meatballs to korma.

Beef is also a staple and has been around for hundreds of years.

Here are 4 ways you can enjoy it with friends.


Sushi with vegetables: A great way to get your veggies on in the kitchen is with a bowl of sushi.

Sashimi or teriyaki are also popular choices.

Use the fish you like and make it a salad.

A small salad with a few slices of avocado, cucumber and green onions is a delicious way to start your meal.

A bowl of teriyakas or koftas is also good.


Meatballs: A meatball is a Japanese vegetable that is usually made from ground beef.

They’re made with beef, fish or veg, but you can also make them with vegetables.

Add a few pieces of green onions, onions, and garlic and you have a great appetizer.


Vegetable Soup: This soup is made with the most basic ingredients you could imagine and is usually served with rice or a salad with meat or vegetable.

Try to make it vegetarian.


Vegan Curry: This is a vegetarian version of the curry that is often served with vegetables, meat and rice.

It’s easy to make and is delicious.

It is made from soy sauce and rice flour.

Add water and some chili powder to make the dish spicy.

4th place: Steamed fish.

It may seem like a simple way to enjoy fish but steamed fish is one of India’s most popular dishes.

You can get it at almost any restaurant in the country, but here are some recommendations.

Steamed tuna or tuna salad.

Steaming salmon or sardines.

Steam chicken or chicken curry.

Steak kormas or beef kormadas.

The beef curry is one that you can try with your friends, but make sure you use lots of spices.


Sesame chicken: This dish is made by using ground sesame seeds to make a mixture with vegetables and meat.

It can be made with chicken or even fish, but use a good amount of sesame oil for a good texture.

Try a thick sauce with it. 6.

Chicken with rice: This one is a favorite with many Indian restaurants and is one we always see on TV.

You get rice, vegetables, a little curry and chicken.

It has been very popular in India for decades.


Sichuan chicken: It is similar to the chicken curry but with more spices and ingredients.


Curry chicken: The curry chicken is a traditional Indian dish with some fish, beef, vegetables and rice added.

The dish is popular in China as well.


Noodles: Noodls are made with rice, chicken or fish, which are then boiled for hours.

The noodles are usually served over rice or noodles.


Tandoori Chicken: This recipe is made in a rice cooker and uses chicken, fish, potatoes and vegetables.

This dish will get the green and orange in your plate.


Tofu and rice: The rice and tofu are a vegetarian dish.

They have been around since the 19th century and they are now made from tofu.


Curry meatballs: This vegetable-heavy dish is served with ground beef, chicken, vegetables or rice.

The sauce makes it flavorful and tasty.


Beef kormada: This Indian vegetarian dish is also delicious.

Beef and vegetables are mixed in and cooked together with rice and spices.


Beef curry: This vegan curry is made using the meat and veggies and rice, and it is a great dish to add to your dinner.


Beef soup: This vegetarian soup is the best way to go if you want to enjoy meat.

Add some vegetables and spices and it will be delicious.


Curry curry: Try this vegetarian curry recipe.

It will be the best thing you can eat.

Add spices and some fish sauce and you are done.


Chicken curry: Add some chicken and a little spicy sauce to your curry and you can have a tasty meal.


Curry beef: This beef curry has the meatiness of chicken.

Try it with rice for a quick and tasty meal or make it vegan.


Steeped vegetables: Vegetables that are steamed can be served over white rice or rice noodles.

It makes a wonderful addition to a vegetarian meal.


Stepped potatoes: This will also be a good addition to your vegetarian meal and can be added to a veggie salad.


Steamer potatoes: You can add potatoes to any vegetable dish.

The potatoes add texture to the dish and make for a delicious addition.


Lamb curry: Lamb is another great vegetable.

Add it to any veggie dish, or add some cooked vegetables. 23

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