Orange vegetables soup is a classic Australian dish

A soup inspired by a classic dish in the southern states of New South Wales and Queensland is making a comeback.

Orange vegetables soup, or pakora, is a traditional dish made from vegetables like carrots and celery.

It’s a staple in the Southern Highlands of New England, where it was invented by an Indigenous woman, Pita, in 1766.

It has since become one of the most popular dishes in South Australia and is still popular in Queensland.

In the Southern Territories, the soup is called a pakoran.ABC News asked the South Australian Government what they would like to see changed about the dish.

“I think it’s an excellent dish and I would love to see more people come together to make it,” Agriculture Minister Nick Smith said.

“There’s a number of different flavours that can be enjoyed in it, and I’m sure there are a number people who have tried it that are happy to make one or two pakoras for friends or family.”

In South Australia, pakoras are made with carrots and other vegetables.

The South Australian Food and Drink Minister, Michael Dickson, said the recipe was not unique.

“It’s not just the orange vegetables that are used in the recipe,” he said.

Mr Dickson said he wanted the dish to be celebrated in the way it was meant to be enjoyed.

“To have the food come together, to be able to enjoy the dish and also the flavours of it,” he explained.

“For us, the main thing is the food itself, so we’re not going to be making a lot of changes to it.”

In Queensland, pakhas are made from a variety of vegetables, including cauliflower, kale and tomatoes.

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