How to Blanch Your Veggies

When you want to add an extra layer of color to your salad, you can use a vegetable blanching recipe.

A blender or food processor will work for this one too.

For this recipe, I use a fresh green cabbage as a base for the blanch.

You’ll also need a jar of the vegetable broth you’ve been using to make your salad.

The blanch water is then added to the vegetables and blended until it resembles a watery paste.

You’re about to get a lot of sauce.

Once you’ve finished blending the vegetable, you’ll need to add some water to get it all nice and thick.

Now it’s time to add your sauce to the mix.

You can use this recipe from the website of the American Dietetic Association, which recommends using a sauce that has been diluted with cold water to avoid sticking.

The water should be enough to cover the vegetables completely.

I use 2 tablespoons of the sauce per serving.

To serve, I pour a little of the water-laden sauce into a small bowl.

I usually sprinkle the sauce on top of the salad, but I’ve been known to stir the sauce around the sides of the bowl as well.

You can freeze the sauce if you like.

It will last at least a few weeks.

If you’re looking to eat it ahead of time, it’s best to make it ahead and store it in a container of ice for a few days.

Recipe adapted from American Dietetics Association.

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