How to pronounce the name ‘Vegetables’

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Vegetables are a family of herbs, and in a way they’re a bit like garlic.

They’re one of the most important ingredients in many foods, from bread to wine to soup.

They make up a lot of food’s ingredients, from sauces to sauces and even some food’s nutritional value.

The name is actually a Latin word meaning ‘root’, and the roots are related to the word ‘veget’ meaning ‘seed’.

A lot of the names of these plants come from the Latin root for ‘root’.

Some are names of famous plants, while others are names derived from old English words.

For example, a very common name is the French word for ‘vinegar’.

This is the same French word that means ‘vineyard’ or ‘vineyards’.

Vegetables have been used for centuries to make food, and they’re also used to make medicines and as a food additive.

There are many different kinds of vegetables.

There’s the common ‘white’, ‘red’, ‘green’, ‘yellow’, ‘peach’ and ‘pink’ varieties, as well as a few exotic and unusual varieties.

Some are native to a particular part of the world, and some are cultivated and grown by farmers around the world.

Some produce a mild, sweet flavour.

Others have a stronger flavour that can be used in many dishes, such as sautéed spinach, or mashed potatoes, or baked potatoes.

The most famous variety of vegetables is the carrot, and its name derives from the Greek word for carrot.

But there are many other common names for vegetables.

Some of them are simply variations of names, while some have roots in the Latin alphabet.

Here are the most common vegetables names, and how they were chosen: Carrots – ‘Rac’ or “rot’ meaning carrot.

The Latin word for a carrot is ‘cereus’, meaning ‘to run’.

The word for the plant also comes from Latin ‘census’, meaning census.

‘Lapis’ is the Greek name for the root of the plant, which comes from ‘lips’.

The Greek word ‘laxus’ comes from the same root.

The ‘l’ in ‘Lactuca’ means ‘sweet’.

The ‘a’ in plant means ‘flower’.

‘Peaches’ comes in three varieties, the ‘blue’, the ‘red’ and the ‘green’.

The red is the best known variety, and the blue is one of those which you’ll see most often in supermarkets.

It has a more bitter flavour than the others, but also has a sweeter flavour.

It’s also one of many varieties of ‘pea’.

‘Mint’ comes after ‘pine’, and is the Latin name for a plant that is found in Europe and Asia.

It grows in Europe, and it’s grown by the Aztecs and Azteca peoples.

‘Orange’ comes directly from ‘orange’, and comes from a word that is derived from ‘opinium’, meaning opium.

‘Pepper’ comes with the Greek ‘peris’, meaning poison.

‘Parsley’ comes ‘pars’ meaning green, or flowering, or fruit.

‘Sour’ comes back from ‘serp’, meaning to sour.

The Greek ‘sourea’ means seed, and ‘rosso’ means plant.

‘Spinach’ comes through the Latin ‘sperm’ meaning vine, and is also derived from a root.

It also comes with a stronger taste than other varieties.

It was originally used as a flavouring, and was later used as food in China.

‘Tomatoes’ come through the Greek words for ‘tomatoes’, meaning stem, and for ‘fruit’, meaning seed.

‘Yam’ comes again through the ‘tom’, meaning fruit, and comes in the form ‘k’ or a letter.

‘Zucchini’ comes straight from ‘zuc’, meaning eggplant, and so it has a stronger flavor than other cucumbers.

It is the most widely grown variety of vegetable in the world and is one which you can find in the supermarkets, as the other varieties come in a wider range of colours.

‘Cabbage’ comes under the Greek names ‘carrion’, ‘cabbage’ and is often used to mean a wild or wild-caught animal.

‘Potatoes’ are a group of crops including potatoes, carrots, and peas.

The varieties ‘peas’ and “potatoes” come from a Latin root meaning ‘plant’ and are a variation on the common name ‘potato’.

‘Potato’ comes very close to ‘potatoes’, and means ‘pot’.

‘Watermelon’ comes as ‘watermelon’, which is Latin for ‘water’, but the ‘c’ in it means ‘plant’.

‘Blackberry’ comes indirectly from the name for black, and has a sweet flavour which can be very appealing.

‘Rice’ comes by the Latin word ‘riscus’, which means rice. It

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