Best Frozen Mixed Vegetables 2018

July 17, 2021 0 Comments

We know that sauteed, frozen mixed vegetables have been a big hit with many people and we think it’s time for them to get their own spotlight.

Here’s what we’re eating right now.


Frozen Mixed Veggies, Bulma and Bulma – These are fresh sautees made with frozen mixed veggies that are ready in 10 minutes.

You can use frozen mixed veggie salad mix, or just make your own frozen mix.

Try frozen mix or make your OWN mix, we’ve got recipes for that.


Pressed Chicken, Turkey and Turkey – We all know how popular chicken and turkey have become with many of our customers, so you can’t go wrong with this recipe.

We use chicken, turkey, chicken stock and stock.

This recipe is for 2 servings.


Green Bean Salad with Peas and Spinach – This salad is one of our favorite things to eat.

Make your own fresh greens and make it a full meal!


Vegetable and Bean Soup – This soup is an easy way to cook up some delicious vegetables, beans and peas for lunch, dinner or a quick snack.


Grilled Turkey, Turkey Broth and Broth with Garlic – Make this recipe for yourself.

You’ll have your own homemade broth and turkey, but you can also add your favorite spices and herbs to this recipe to give it a spice kick.


Grated Parmesan and Parmesan Cheese – The freshest, most flavorful cheese is made from Parmesan cheese, and you can make your cheese yourself.


Sweet Potato Salad with Chickpeas and Zucchini – Make your salad by making your own sweet potato soup or making this sweet potato salad.


Green Beans and Garlic Salad with Green Beans, Tomato, Onion and Basil – These salads are a great way to keep the house busy for lunch or dinner.


Feta Salad with Feta, Olive Oil, Peanut Butter, and Lemon – Make it for yourself, or use it for an easy and healthy lunch or snack.


Sweet Potatoes and Sweet Potatos with Fava Beans, Peppers, Cauliflower, and Cucumber – This sweet potato and sweet potato potato salad is a good way to serve some veggies on a busy day.


Griddled Potato and Egg Salad with Egg, Cheese, Garlic and Mustard – This delicious meal is perfect for your family.


Potato Salad and Feta Soup with Grilled Chicken, Tomatoes, Green Beans (or other veggies), and Cheese – This recipe makes enough for 2 people, so make this salad to share with others.


Fresh Greens and Caulk Beans with Greens and Mustards – Use fresh greens, cauliflower, egg, and cheddar cheese to make this meal.


Vegetarian Soup with Vegetable Salad – Make a healthy vegetarian soup with fresh greens (and vegetables) and vegetables to add to a bowl.


Veggie Bowl Salad with Vegetables and Garbanzo Beans – This is one easy recipe to make.

This salad can be made ahead of time and reheated.


Vegan Spaghetti and Meatballs – We love meatballs and spaghetti and this recipe is the perfect way to get them in your life!


Vegetables in a Vegetable Soup – Make vegetarian soups for yourself and others.


Spinach and Tomato Soup with Spinach, Tomato, and Tomato Sauce – You’ll love this recipe!


Grilling Turkey and Chicken Broth – You can serve this turkey broth in this recipe, or serve it on top of rice or pasta.


Vegetarians & Vegan Soups – This vegetarian soup is a great option for those who are vegetarians or vegans.

This soup can be served over rice, pasta, and other vegetable dishes.


Potato and Bean Stir Fry – Serve this simple potato and bean stir fry over rice or rice noodles, and it’s easy to serve.


Black Bean and Lentil Soup – Serve the soup over pasta, rice, or rice noodle.


Chicken and Vegetable Casserole – Make soup or a dish that’s ready in just 30 minutes!


Green Lentil Salad – This easy salad can serve as a side for any meal.


Easy Chicken Chili – This chili is easy to make and it tastes great with rice or noodles.


Lentil and Vegetables Soup – Lentils, potatoes, green beans, and spinach are just the right ingredients to make a delicious soup for a hearty meal.


Green Vegetables – Make yourself a green vegetable salad with vegetables.


Veggies and Greens Soup – Get the veggies and greens to fill up the meal, or enjoy it on its own.


Packed Salad with Mixed Veggie Soup – Combine this healthy salad with a few veggies and herbs for a healthy meal. 30. Fiery

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