Best vegetable soups from Knorr, the best vegan recipes from Around the Web

Knorr is a restaurant that sells soup made from the vegetable bouillons and is a part of the Vegetarian Food Chain.Knorr serves a variety of soups, including the best veggie

Why Oklahoma State University is planting vegetative-state seeds

Oklahoma State’s Department of Agriculture is planting some of the seeds to create “Oklahoma Vegetative-State Seedbank” (OVS) to help farmers who want to plant seeds from seeds grown in the

How to make smoked meats without meatballs

Smoked meats have been around for decades, and there’s a good reason: They’re delicious, but it’s a hassle to make them in a way that doesn’t make them gross.There’s a

How to prepare alkaline veggies for a low carb diet

The alkaline veg that makes it on the keto diet may be a bit too sweet and tart for you, so try the alkaline vegetable salad, which makes an excellent

How to buy canned vegetables online, step-by-step

The canned vegetables you see in grocery stores can be a great source of protein, calcium and vitamins.But for some, it’s also a source of fat, cholesterol and sodium.We’ve rounded

Veggie sides, veggie sides again: What’s the next step?

I think Ive been asked this before and its a good question but I dont really know where to start.If youve ever had veggie side dishes at a restaurant, or

How to make a crock pot vegetable soup recipe

Crock pots are great for cooking, but they’re not very healthy.They’re usually full of preservatives, chemical ingredients, and salt.This soup has no preservatives.This is one of my favorite crock pots

How to get a better curry (and why you should)

Some people might be tempted to just throw the leftover curry on the plate and forget about it.But in the case of the lentils, cooked lentils are really the only

What Vegeta is cooking for you?

The next generation of low-calorie vegetable recipes will come from the internet, as the company announced it has partnered with Reddit for its latest vegetable series, Vegeta: A Recipe for

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