How to Make Vegan Spaghetti Sauce

The Spaghetti Soup with Beans and Rice is one of my favorite dishes.While I think it’s a pretty tasty soup, it’s more than that.The sauce is thick and creamy, and

How to create a garden in a week

You can find out how to grow vegetables in less than five minutes using the same tips and tricks you use every day.Read moreThe vegetable garden layout is a common

How to Make the Best Vegetable Platter: 8 Tips for a Perfect, Delicious, Spicy Spicy Vegan meal

I love to grill, so it’s easy to see why I enjoy this classic dish.But the thing is, a lot of people don’t cook it well.And if you’ve got a

Vegetable Smoothie Recipe: A Vegan-Inspired Kale Soup with Sweet & Spicy Kale & Cilantro Sauce

Vegetable smoothies are a staple of my life.I have made them many times over the years, and have even tried some with chicken, pork, and even beef.My recipe for this

Trump is ‘not eating’ veggies as he seeks to ‘reclaim’ the country’s diet

The Republican presidential nominee has said he will not eat anything but ‘vegetarian’ and a campaign aide said he is ‘looking for new ideas.’But as the election approaches, the campaign

How to Blanch Your Veggies

When you want to add an extra layer of color to your salad, you can use a vegetable blanching recipe.A blender or food processor will work for this one too.For

5 ways to get more greens from your vegetables

green leafies are one of the most popular vegetables around, and they are one reason why the green leafie is still in demand by people in the US.The popular vegetable

A Recipe for Vegetable Beef Soup and Other Vegan Recipes

I love soup, but I don’t really love starchy vegetable soups.I like vegetables and they’re good, but they’re not the star of the show.I’m not a big fan of sweetened

How to make a vegan crockpot vegetable stew recipe

You can easily make a crockpots crock pot vegetable soup with some basic ingredients, but this crock is even more amazing when made with ingredients that are not available in

How to cook up your favourite sauteed vegetable

Here’s how to make sauteeds with sautéed vegetables.The sautee is the most popular dish at Indian and Muslim feasts and is traditionally served alongside fried rice.You can also serve sautés

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